Beware of Marketing Terms

Energy, 100% natural, whole grains, vitamins, fresh, whole foods, artisan, healthy! Have you ever seen any of these marketing terms in grocery stores or fast food restaurants before? It is nearly impossible to visit a grocery store or fast food restaurant and not see these marketing terms thrown out there on all sorts of different[…]

The Hidden Danger of Blue Light

Technology has changed our lives. Tablets, cell phones, computers, etc. are fully integrated into our lives and lifestyle. But with technology comes the potential for hidden risks. One of these risks is blue light. According to studies done by Harvard and the University of Toronto, blue light can have adverse effects on your health when you’re[…]

Myths In Training and Injury Prevention

Originally posted on MileSplitIL In most of my blogs so far, I haven’t mentioned much about what my expertise lays in, injuries and sports rehabilitation, especially in track and field athletes. However, this blog is going to be dedicated to what I think are the 3 biggest myths in training/injury prevention in track and field.[…]

Inactivity Deadlier Than Obesity

Want to live a longer, healthier, happier life? It’s easy, move! Inactivity puts your health at a major risk. In fact, according to a new large scale European study, inactivity is twice as deadly as obesity. Let’s put that into perspective. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity is a common risk factor for heart[…]