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What Does A Running Analysis Consist Of?

Duration 60 Minutes


We’ll start off the running analysis with a thorough consult that will include your current training and your running goals so we can make sure we get you to the right place!


Next, we’ll take a look at your shoes. Shoes can tell you a lot without watching a runner run. We’ll assess wear patterns shoe to shoe so make sure you bring a pair that has some mileage on it.


One of the most important parts of the analysis is this. We will assess your flexibility and strength side to side. This will give us insight into many things from a biomechanical perspective and will also help when we take a look at the video analysis.


We will video you running outside, not on a treadmill, to look at your running gait. We will take slow-motion video from the side, front and back to look at different angles. Once we shoot the video, we will take a look at it and give you running form recommendations. If you have an iPhone, we’ll airdrop you the videos immediately, otherwise we’ll email them to you.


Last but not least, depending on what we saw in the movement and strength exam and your running analysis, we will make some exercise recommendations. All of our exercises are on video so we will send you a link to what we recommend to make sure that you follow them 100% correctly.