In this video, we will show how to relieve shoulder and neck tension with a ball by Dr. Brian Damhoff.

Upper Trapezius
1. Squat into a football player type position at the corner of a wall
2. Wedge the ball into the upper trap area
3. Roll up and down or side-to-side

1. Place the ball between the spine and shoulder blade
2. Pull the arm across the body to open up the area
3. Roll up and down or side-to-side

1. Stand at a 45 degree angle to the wall
2. Pull your arm across the body
3. Wedge the ball on the posterior aspect of the shoulder
4. Roll up and down or side-to-side

In 2020, we saw more patients than ever in our office with complaints of neck and shoulder tension. With extended periods of quarantine and people working from home along with school being at home, sitting was at all-time highs. So, what can you do?

These 3 moves can help to relieve some of the tension coming from the neck and shoulder. You can use a massage ball, tennis ball, lacrosse ball, etc. whichever is most comfortable for you. Make sure you follow all the cues for the correct form that the video shows because otherwise it won’t be as effective.