An eccentric squat with a swiss ball targets the quadriceps eccentrically.

1. Place the ball behind you, kind of halfway between the neck and the butt and bring your feet out far enough that you can squat comfortably.
2. Squat slowly to the count of 10 seconds
3. Once you reach the bottom, you can use both legs to go back up to the top position and repeat the motion
4. When you transition from going backwards to forwards, drive through your heels

I always say 10 seconds is a lot longer than you think so it’s not a bad idea to count out loud for the first couple to find that rhythm. As you squat, you want to keep your weight pressed into the ball. You have to be a little careful with your feet position. Generally speaking, you want your knees to be over your toes at the bottom position of the squat. Also, at the bottom of the squat, your low back should almost kind of be under the ball. I’m not huge in saying you have to squat to a certain depth for this exercise. Do what feels good for you with proper technique as not everyone who watches this will be able to squat as low as what I do. This exercise can serve as an excellent alternative to those who get pain doing squats.