In this video, you will learn how to do the bear crawl exercise by Dr. Brian Damhoff.

To perform the exercise correctly, Start on all fours with your knees at 90 degrees just off the ground. Move one arm and your opposite foot at the same time an equal distance. Then move the other arm and foot. Proceed along at a nice and easy pace keeping your back flat while performing the movement.

I like to place an object on the back to give an external cue to keep the back flat. The object can really be anything, I place a stability pad on my back in this video but you could just as easily use a magazine. You can crawl forwards or for more of a challenge, you can also crawl backwards. You will find that it is harder to keep your back flat crawling backwards so I highly recommend placing an object on your back when crawling backwards.

Bear crawls are a great all in one exercise that are fun to do. They work a multitude of muscles including your shoulders, core and legs.