In this video, you will learn how to foam roll the glutes and external hip rotators by Dr. Brian Damhoff.

I often see people foam rolling the glutes and external hip rotators incorrectly or in an ineffective manner. If you follow along this video, I’ll show you the proper way to target the muscles in an effective manner.

What does foam rolling do? What people say foam rolling does:

Breaks down scar tissue/adhesions
Releases knots Stimulates blood flow
Loosen tight muscles
Self myofascial release
Decreasing or preventing soreness
Increases performance

What does research say foam rolling does:

Research isn’t solid at this point
Need more extensive research to provide answers

What do I think foam rolling does:
Positive neurosensory effects
Pain desensitization
Increased blood flow

So what the heck does that even mean? Well, when you hit your head hard, what do you do? You rub on your head and that helps the pain. Foam rolling can work in a similar manner. I’m not saying it doesn’t do what a lot of people are saying it does but there definitely needs to be more research done before you can make some of those claims.