Adductor Ball Squeeze Exercise

The adductor ball squeeze is a highly effective exercise targeting the adductor muscles of your inner thighs, which play a crucial role in stabilizing your hips and knees. This exercise is particularly beneficial for athletes, individuals recovering from injuries, and anyone looking to enhance their lower body strength.

How to Perform the Adductor Ball Squeeze:

  1. Starting Position: Lie down on your back on a comfortable surface with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Ensure your back is in a neutral position to avoid strain.
  2. Placement of the Ball: Place a small exercise ball between your knees. If you don’t have an exercise ball, a cushion or a folded towel can also work.
  3. Execution: Squeeze the ball with your knees, engaging your inner thigh muscles. Hold the squeeze for the desired duration while maintaining steady breathing.


  1. Isometric Hold: Squeeze the ball and hold the position for up to 30 seconds. This variation helps build endurance in the adductors.
  2. Interval Squeezes: Squeeze the ball for 10 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds. Repeat this cycle for 3-5 minutes. This method is excellent for both strength and endurance.
  3. Progressive Squeeze: Gradually increase the intensity of your squeeze in a count of three. Squeeze lightly at count 1, moderately at count 2, and as hard as possible at count 3. Repeat the sequence for several rounds. This variation helps in muscle activation and control.

Benefits of the Adductor Ball Squeeze:

  • Strengthens Adductors: This exercise specifically targets the inner thigh muscles, enhancing their strength and stability.
  • Improves Hip Stability: Strengthening the adductors contributes to better hip alignment and reduces the risk of injuries.
  • Rehabilitation: It’s an excellent exercise for rehabilitation, particularly for knee or hip issues, as it helps in muscle recovery and rebuilding strength.
  • Convenience: Requires minimal equipment and can be done anywhere, making it a versatile addition to any workout routine.

Tips for Effective Performance:

  • Consistent Breathing: Ensure you maintain a steady breathing pattern to maximize muscle engagement and prevent unnecessary tension.
  • Proper Alignment: Keep your back neutral and avoid arching during the exercise to prevent lower back strain.
  • Gradual Progression: Start with shorter holds and lighter squeezes, gradually increasing the duration and intensity as your strength improves.

Incorporate the adductor ball squeeze into your regular exercise routine to enhance your lower body strength, stability, and overall functional fitness. For more exercises and detailed guidance, visit our Exercise Library.