The PNXC Food Challenge


A number of dedicated high school athletes and their parents have made a decision to better their health by signing the 2016 Plainfield North cross country food contract. The contract stipulates that during the cross country season, everyone who signs will avoid all pop, eat vegetables two times a day at least five times a week and avoid a large list of fast food restaurants. You can see the above picture to read the full contract and stipulations. Talk about dedication for high schoolers and busy parents!

Last year was the first year of our food contract. Every single athlete on the team signed the contract for the entirety of the cross country season. The season starts in late August and runs through the beginning of November. Over the course of this period, only one athlete violated the contract. However, he quickly owned up to his mistake and is no doubt a better person as a result of his ability to own up to his own mistake. The season was one to remember as our team advanced to state for the first time in school history and there is no doubt that this contract contributed towards their success.

This year, the new addition to the contract is to eat vegetables at least two times a day five times a week. For some of our athletes and parents, this will be a very tough challenge! We are approximately one week into the contract and so far so good. The vegetable aspect is the toughest aspect for our athletes as most of them have eliminated fast food and pop entirely from their diets as a result of last years contract.

Now the challenge for you the reader. Will you join the Plainfield North cross country team and take the challenge? I would love to see other teams, individuals, families also make that decision to better their health. I think you’ll find out the results to be worth it!

-Dr. Brian Damhoff