Breaking my Pizza Addiction


Hi my name is Dr. Brian Damhoff and I am used to be a pizza addict until this summer. Anyone who reads this and knows me probably doesn’t believe the used to be part. As healthy as I’ve ate, I always would make sure that pizza was a staple in my diet. I’m not proud to admit it but I could strike fear into the pocketbooks of owners of pizza buffets. I could eat pizza for any meal of the day at any time. Did I know better? Yes, but, I was literally a pizza addict and was not ready to give up that habit no matter how healthy I was eating.

I have contemplated giving up pizza for quite some time. They say the first step in breaking an addiction is admitting you have an addiction. I ate super healthy even when I had my pizza addiction but the problem was there was no such thing as just a cheat meal. When I bought pizza, I always got the most value for my money by buying a large for myself. That meant 4-5 cheat meals at least once a week, sometimes twice a week. I would try to justify it by saying well I didn’t have time to make dinner. In reality my justifications were just excuses for a pizza addiction. Have you made similar excuses so that you can less than stellar food?

I think that all we can do is strive to improve our health every year. I always look at the big picture and say, I eat healthier this year than I did last year, and last year I ate healthier than the year before. The process is a journey. If you’re currently eating unhealthy, if you tried to eat what I eat, it most likely wouldn’t be realistic for you and you’d revert back to old habits. Now let’s say you start adding vegetables to every meal, that’s a terrific start!! Do I still crave pizza? Yes! But, I’m sticking to my vow and making a 100% commitment to eating as healthy as I can and each time I turn it down, it gets a little easier to say no. I hope that you will join me in my journey to eat healthier.

-Dr. Brian Damhoff